Disney's Hercules

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Disney Interactive Studios
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Become a true hero in a battle of mythic proportions.
Become a true hero in a battle of mythic proportions. You're not just along for the ride, you are Hercules. So jump in the hero seat and get ready to battle your way through three ancient worlds, ten challenging stages, and a hoard of mythological monsters. Defend Thebes from the evil Centaurs and Harpies! Fight off the menacing Titans on Mt. Olympus! Defeat the multi-headed Hydra and send a hot-headed Hades back where he belongs. Hey, it's all in a day's work when you're trying to earn your place among the gods. Legendary gaming features: • Battle through ancient worlds with your favorite characters from the movie in the only game where you become Disney's Hercules. • Ten stages of heroic gameplay where you battle the Titans, defend Thebes, rescue Meg from the Underworld and more. • Hidden areas, Herculade power-ups and magical weapons ensure hours of replayability. Mystery ""passwords"" let you finish gameplay later. • All the excitement and humor of the movie come to life with original character voices, music and actual sequences from the film.
• Multiple levels of difficulty make it perfect for gamers of all ages.
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3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9 и 256 Мб VRAM
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