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Описание игры Trainz 2019 DLC Route: Coal Country

  • Разработчик: N3V Games
  • Жанр: Симуляторы
  • Дата выхода: 07 января 2019
  • Активация: Steam
  • Регион: Россия и СНГ
  • Языки: Русский и Английский
Welcome to Coal Country!

Take a trip through the heart of the Appalachian coal fields. This fictional route is complete with a brand new Railroad, locomotives, rolling stock, and scenery items. What this route may lack in distance certainly makes up for it with action packed details. Several coal load-outs to choose from as well as a selection of on-line industries to keep you busy switching.

Complete content pack and sessions are included.


Log Service
In this session you are tasked with delivering a load of logs from Parker to the lumber mill in Peabody.

Coal Service
Take charge of an RPPX coal train to service the tipples on the route. The train will then be merged in Peabody where it will be then taken to Richmond for unloading.

Tourist Train
Today we are tasked with taking a tourist train along the length of the route, it's a good chance to show off the scenery to the passengers and learn the route.


A passive session to watch trains tackle the route on preset commands.

Locomotives and Rolling Stock:
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