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Описание игры Overdriven Reloaded - Special Edition Upgrade

  • Издатель: TOMAGameStudio
  • Разработчик: TOMAGameStudio
  • Жанр: Инди / Экшены
  • Дата выхода: 20 июля 2017
  • Активация: Steam
  • Регион: Россия и СНГ
  • Языки: Английский
Back into the adventures of the Overdriven spaceship !

Beat your old highscore and take the lead in the leaderboards with this 3 New stages :

-> The Gas Giant
-> The living planet
-> The Artificial Core

3 new stages (with bosses included in Boss-Rush mode), with a new dedicated Leaderboard for this version.
15 new keys to collect,
3 new space cows to find,
16 new Achievements, and new soundtracks !

A better and a longer experience for Overdriven Reloaded !
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