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Описание игры Fred The Fraud

This is an adventure based game with multiple levels and made to keep the player happy and not raged. This game is a game about a person named Fred who has deceived his fried Joe, and in order to complete the game the player must make the right decisions to make everyone happy or you can just stuff up their lives lol.

  • Издатель: Sevo Tech
  • Разработчик: Sevo Tech
  • Жанр: Приключенческие игры / Инди / Симуляторы / Стратегии
  • Активация: Steam
  • Регион: Россия и СНГ
  • Языки: Английский
This game is a small, fun, exciting game for all the people out there who love adventure games and CLIFF HANGERS!! Yes part one of this game will come out in August 2019 so get ready to be amazed!

What Is This Game About?

Well this game is on a storyline about two “friends” who went around the world in search of rare ores, diamonds, crystals and more. But Joe (Fred’s friend) finally worked out that Fred is lying about the discoveries and saying that Fred himself and only himself discovered these rare minerals and joe had nothing to do with it. So joe got mad and physically threw Fred into a dark cave when Fred discoved a strange stone glowing at the end of the cave... that is part one of the storyline.

What Features Will This Game Have?

  • Crazy Cutscenes

  • Many Endings and Secret Endings
  • [/h2]

  • Lots Of Adventure
  • [/h2]

  • Cool Twists In storyline
  • [/h2]

  • Mysterious storyline
  • [/h2]

  • Cliff Hangers!!!!
  • [/h2]

    Are there Going to Be Dlc’s?

    Most probably yes but most likely won’t be a while and will be 1 or so years off.

    Will there Be Miltiplayer?

    Yes there will like, local multiplayer, lan, and World Wide multiplayer.

    Any Violence?

    No this will hopefully be a pg game as there won’t be adult scenes, course language or bloody scenes.

    Open World, Steam Workshop, Creative?

    Yes, yes and yes who’s game will have open world parts to it and level editors and creative so this can essentially be everyone’s game.
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